Christine Haju Kim


Doctorate of Musical Arts in Flute performance, Minor in Music Education,
  - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL.
Master of Music in Flute performance,
  - Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University.
Master of Religion in Christian Worship Studies
 - Liberty University.
Bachelor of Music in flute performance
 - Queen's University.

Teaching Experiences

Flute Instructor at Ambrose University College, Calgary, AB - present
Flute Section Coaching and Flute Instructor at Hoffman Estate High School.
Flute Instructor at Canaan Music School, Glenview IL.
Flute Instructor at Allen Hall in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Private Flute Studio around Chicago/North Suburb IL.



Flutist Christine Kim has been acclaimed for her exceptional musicality and artistic interpretation. Her performance can be characterized by beautiful tone, expressive lyricism and virtuosic technique. Graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, she received the Doctorate of Musical Art in flute performance while studied with Jonathan Keeble. She has numerous performing experiences in solo, duo, trio, and other chamber ensembles and orchestras.

Equally devoted to performance, Christine Kim is dedicated to teaching in music. Through early ages to collegiate level, she is experienced teacher in various ages, levels and groups. Based on her numerous performing experiences and solid teaching philosophies and techniques, she incorporates her skills and experiences to produce many gifted students. Currently, she is teaching flute at Ambrose University College and starting her private studio in Calgary areas. Other than her musical career, she enjoys working with children and youth in church ministry at the local church.

Teaching Philosophy

Teaching music is both a privilege and responsibility to me to help students discover their unique talents and potentials. I realize that all students have different personalities and strengths that make their unique signature of sound and musicality.  My responsibility is to set a good standard of music and teach them techniques to become skilled artists who are confident using their ability to express themselves.  Here are some of my teaching philosophies and methods:

  1. I believe children/youth can have good sense of music and musical ability when proper education is given at proper age. 
  2. I give them achievable goals and appropriate challenges for students to motivate themselves for higher level. 
  3. I presume nothing.  This helps students to understand and review the fundamentals of flute playing and musical concepts in deeper level. 
  4. I emphasize how to learn, how to listen, and how to practice effectively.  My goal is to make them become independent learner with solid technique and practice habits.
  5. Since not everyone learns the same way by the same pace, I design each lessons differently incorporating different learning styles. 
  6. I help my students to play music correctly but more importantly to play expressively.


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